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EuroDNS has been managing domain names for our customers since 2002, and is an 
ICANN accredited domain registrar; this means we are licensed to register domain names 
directly with the world's domain registries.

During this time, we have built strong relationships with over 90 registries worldwide, and 
worked with thousands of fantastic customers.

We don’t believe in outsourcing customer relationships to call centres, our approachable 
team of domain experts are multilingual, highly knowledgeable, and occasionally fun. 
Without them it wouldn't be possible for us to offer one of the largest choices of domains 
in the world, Anycast DNS, a dedicated account manager for each and every customer, 
and much more.

EuroDNS is an active player in the domain industry and International Trademark 
Association and regularly attend ICANN meetings; helping to shape the domain policies of 
tomorrow and to better represent our customers. 
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Domain-Namen-Suche (Whois). Internet­adressen und Domain-Inhaber finden. Der Online­verlag HELP Media AG publiziert seit 1996 Konsumenten­informationen für Schwei­zerinnen und Schweizer.

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