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Founded on the expertise of Nick Wood and Lorna Gradden, who have worked in 
domain name management for a combined total of over 40 years, Com Laude 
make the business of domain management secure, reliable and predictable. Our 
unique approach to client management ensures that all aspects of domain name 
management are handled professionally and responsibly by a contact that the 
client knows and trusts. Our teams of experts create tailored approaches to domain 
name management for clients large and small. Our founders, Nick Wood and Lorna 
Gradden, provide strategic oversight and are on hand to offer guidance and 
assistance: you need only to pick up the phone and call.

Nick and Lorna, the directors and co-founders of Com Laude and Valideus, have 
worked in the domain name industry since founding Net Searchers, the first 
registrar in the world dedicated to working with brand owners, in 1995. Nick and 
Lorna are highly regarded as "thought leaders" and pioneers, who have developed 
Best Practice in domain name management. Com Laude is an independent 
company, leaving us free to work with only the best partners from other sectors of 
the domain name industry.

We employ over 50 people in the UK and have staff located in other jurisdictions 
important to clients, including Germany and Spain. We also have a sister company 
in the USA. 
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